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The Wendell Cox site: Essential reading for those interested in the USA - sample as follows

New Urban Rail not justified

Light Rail volumes compared to Freeway and Arterial Lanes

New Urban Rail in America

AMTRAK Reform Action Plan

Derailed The AMTRAK problem Containing the Transport Statistics published by the UK Department for Transport. Containing the Department of Trade and Industry, the DTI, statistics for energy use. The Office of the Rail Regulator. Network Rail’s Web site. Representing the interests of Rail Passengers. Canvassing for investment in rail. Data produced by this organization should be carefully checked back to source. A railway lobby group pretending to be an environmental one The Association of British Drivers representing the interests of the motorist. Friends of the Earth. Generally opposed to road building and the use of the private car. The campaign to promote faster transfer of freight from road to rail supported by Transport 2000. The Freight Transport Association web site. Rail Freight Group Transport Watch blog


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