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Topic 13: Air Transport

Heathrow - note on effects of noise


Transport Watch canvasses for three areas of research:


The land take per passenger-km. E.g., (a) the areas of the airports themselves plus (b) other areas affected by noise (suitably weighted). Those areas divided by the passenger-km generated could be compared with the same data for roads and rail.
The need to incorporate the time lost to people on the ground due to aircraft noise when evaluating airport proposals. E.g. if 300 people save 6 hours by air but disturb as few as 55,000 people on the ground for 2 minutes then the time lost will exceed the time gained. Should, or do, such calculations form part of the decision process?
The extent to which military airports in the UK could be used for joint military and civilian use.


Cranfield University is a poit of contact

June 2016,

We have a devastating calculation as to the loss suffered by those on the gound affected by the proposed third runway at Heathrow/  It is here.  The anysis suggests that the the value of the time losts on the gournd due to aircraft noise may destoy th4 busness case for the thrd runway..

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