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Modenisation of the West Coast Main Line.  Inquiry held in 2000/2001.

  1. Railtrack's closing statement
  2. Transport-watch's closing statement

Chiltern: Bicester to Oxford scheme, The Inquiry held in 2010/11.  In summary the propsal was to add a track to the single tarck line between Oxford and Bicester

  1. Summary points
  2. Chiltern's proof of evidence, CRCL /P/1/A, containing the business case
  3. Chiltern's proof of evidence, CRCL /P/5/A, containing the forecasts and economic analyis
  4. Our main evidence, reference OBJ319/1
  5. Chiltern's rebuttal to our main evidence, CRCL/R/OBJ319
  6. Our response to Chiltern's rebuttal,  OBJ319/3
  7. Our supplementory evidence,  Bunsiness case and strategic issues, (containing notes on Chiltern's finacial state  OBJ319/9

Item 5 above contains a tabulation which shows that the time spent accessing stations by car was multiplied by an astonishing factor of four within the economic analysis.  Without that multiplier the economic case for the proposal would have collapsed and the nation may have been saved the waste of £250,000. 

We comment on that at item 6 above and have made freedom of information requests to find the basis for the multiplier but without success.  Relevant correspondence is here and here.

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