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Londons rail network November 2005


The Times of 16 th November reported that the Mayor of London is contemplating a major expansion of the capacity of London's rail network. The anticipated cost has the range £(5-10) billion. Against that background Transport-watch notes that in the morning peak hour 250,000 passengers enter central London by surface rail. Many of them will be standing in appalling conditions. There are 25 pairs of tracks. Hence the average flow per track is 10,000. The 10,000 could all sit in 150 75-seat coaches leaving over 10% of seats empty. Given rail's rights of way the 150 coaches (per track) would occupy one sixth of the capacity available. Meanwhile our estimate for paving the entire rail system is £15 billion. Possibly it would coast as little as half that. We comment, is in not time for those wishing for a truly grand project to note the facts and to act accordingly rather fiddling with the length of platforms?

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