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Journey Purpose Split

Journey Purpose Split

After about a year in which HS2 Ltd denied that it held data on the journey purpose split for HS2 we had the attached, authored by the DfT’s Director General of HS2, David Prout.

It is clear from that that a substantial amount of work has been done to establish the proportion of trips that are for business purposes and that the new numbers are very substantially above  the 30% used in the January 2012 economic analysis.  The very high proportions, see figure 1 in the attached, will be one of the main the reasons why, despite a very much lower value for business time, the October 2013 analysis provided the higher benefits.

Because the proportion now deemed to be on business is so very high (e.g. 66% from Manchester to London compared with a national value for long distance trips of 20%) we canvas for on station surveys to check this critical parameter.  Passengers boarding Virgin trains at Manchester or the express trains at Leeds could be asked their destinations and the purpose at the origin and destination of those journeys.  The results would be, relatively speaking, definitive either for or against the HS2 claim.

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