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Glenda Jackson, Giles Frearnly and ScotRail


Subject: Following our advertisement Mike Arthur provided the following useful quotes.

Labour's Glenda Jackson, when Junior Transport Minister, said, with regard to rural rail lines: " infinitely better, faster more modern, more accessible service could be provided by, say, a coach." (Daily Telegraph, 30/1/99). 

Giles Frearnley, Chief Executive of Prism Rail, added: "For half  the subsidy going into the Exeter to Barnstaple line, we could run a much better regulated coach service, offering three times the frequency and stopping at more places than our rail service".

In December 2001 a ScotRail spokesman said that increasing rail capacity across the Forth Rail Bridge, by increasing carriages per train or platform length,  showed "...a sorry lack of basic railway economics...", adding "... one new 65 seat carriage costs around £1m. [It's liable to be full probably twice a day.] ... ScotRail cannot justify that level of expenditure.".


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