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  1. Transport Policy (2000)
  2. Road Rail comparisons, summary findings
  3. Community Rail 2004
  4. Disused railways and railway land
  5. The Transport Watch advert 2005
  6. The case for Rail - a critique
  7. The Railway Conversion League archive
  8. Rapid Transit systems
  9. Traffic management - its costs versus accident savings
  10. Congestion charging
  11. Car Share
  12. Speed cameras and road safety
  13. Air Transport
  14. University Research
  15. London
  16. Railway conversion costs and illustrations
  18. Transport Committee
  19. Campaign for better Transport
  20. Guided bus
  21. Climate Change
  22. Railway Lunatics
  23. The Times
  24. New Approach to Transport Appraisal
  25. Cross Rail appraisal nonsense
  26. Letters to Local Transport Today and The New Civil Engineer
  27. Letters to MPs
  28. The Borders Railway - Waverley
  29. French Rail
  30. Adelaide to Darwin
  31. Northants Letters
  32. Electric Cars
  33. freight modal split
  34. The great dirty diesel scare
  35. The North
  36. Beeching
100     Institute of Economic Affairs
101     CBI Time to change Gear
102     Dr MacKay: Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air
103     Wolfson Prize 2017

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Founder: Paul F. Withrington BSc MSc MICE CEng 
Formerly project manager Transport Planning Northamptonshire County Council
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This site aims to be as factual as possible. Hence the data will be of particular interest to people considering investment in transport systems and those responsible for transport policy generally. Tax payers will also find the site revealing particularly with regard to rail.

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